12 MEI 2017


I made a small picture book for children.
The story is about caring about personal development and nature.

Read it here.

The story in google translated english.

Hidden between the forests stood an old castle.
The king's of the castle was an old and mean man.
Everyone had to do what the king said.
Hero was the country's best hunter.
He received a letter from the king with a command.
The king wanted Hero to chase all the animals from the forest.
Hero was honored with the command of the king.
He was scared of nothing and went into the forest.
In the forest Hero fought with the most dangerous animals.

The next day Hero went to the king.
Hero told the king that he had chased all the animals away.
The king had to laugh and said, Deep in the woods, hidden between the rocks.
There you will find a beast you have never seen.
If you catch this animal then you get gold and eternal fame.
Hero was scared of nothing and ran into the woods.
Deep in the woods he got an eye on Terra.
He had never seen such a beautiful thing before.

Terra said to Hero:
Look around you.
Men can not without nature.
Animals emerged from all corners.
Hero was enchanted and saw that he was wrong.
Together with Terra and all animals, Hero went to the castle.
When the king saw the animals with his own eyes he was about.
The king walked to the balcony and called the people at one.
All animals were similar to humans from now on.
Man and animal lived together in peace and harmony.

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