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A huge frame like shape on an appartement tower in Rotterdam Ommoord asked me to use its potential. Now, different subjects from conversations I had with people from the neighbourhood are shown on this mural. Let me explain them all.

For example, the artwork is about Jorge.
In summertime, Jorge likes to drink a beer on the square near the Binnenhof shopping center. Thats where the wall is located. Being an evangelist he believes that God and Satan are waging a holy war with each other. According to him, God is also responsible for the white light the sun shines from time to time. And when that happends, he takes pictures of it. At the moment of our conversation crows flew around all the time. Jorge said that if there are a lot of crows in a certain area, it's because death reigns there.
The mural is also about Paul & Tineke.
This couple lives in the appartement the painting is made on. The image reminds them of France, where they both love to go. They have seen alot of murals on blind walls over there and they really like that. These days they take the subway to Rotterdam centre to go for a walk. They used to live on the Beijerlandse laan in the south of Rotterdam. Alot have change ever since but they are fascinated about its diversity today. Paul used to work as a road constructor and Tineke has been officer of the civil registry. She has married people and spoke on funerals. But now they enjoy their retirement.
The nex part is about Jean.
He was an officer of the fire brigade in the 1970's. On the first car-free Sunday ever, during the oil crisis, Jean was on duty. A little boy had been fallen trough the ice of the frozen Rotte. Because of the car-free Sunday, the ambulance was not warned and they took the boy in the police car to the Bergweg hospital. Unfortunately to late. Jean has a fondness for amateur photography. He finds it a challenge to direct the viewer's eyes by means of lighting. There is nothing more fun, for example, to photograph a pile of paving stones with a green band around it in such a way that the eye is caught in it.
The mural is also about Peter.
He stopped working in the year 2000 and was on the board various organizations since then. One of them is De Witte Bollen Foundation. This residents association takes care of a series of artworks  that the Municipality of Rotterdam has rejected. The name of this foundation is derived from the artwork 'Cells' by Hans van der Plas. This is the first artwork they have adopted. Seven statues, including De Kip and De Paraplu standing in Rotterdam Ommoord followed. The 5 statues of Cor Dam on the roundabouts on President Rooseveltweg have been placed in one’s own way. The municipality did not like the plan at all, but when Peter was given 14 days to arrange it, he hired a contractor. The statues where picked up in the middle of the night and put where they are now. Without hassle, without traffic guidance, without road block. Because in the middle of the night there was no traffic anyway.
The last story is about Chantal & Salome.

They never post anything on social media. Instead of showing others who they are and where they are, they're focused on living in the moment. They have 2 pictures together, that's it. Chantal & Salome have a special tradition, which is eating baby food. They buy it in the supermarket and then eat it somewhere together. Simply because it tastes very good, except for the one with macaroni and such, according to them that is 1 big fiasco. Another tip, you should buy eh under four month versions. There are chunks in it otherwise. Almost every time they see each other, one of them bring spoons. Because Chantal & Salome both experience sensory overload, the two friends can be themselves with each other. That's something that makes their friendship strong. Open Rotterdam made a little item about this story you can see right here.
Omnivoor is made with different kinds of paint and ink. Its opening was on October 29, 2020. This project was made possible with a financial contribution from CBK Rotterdam, Gemeente Rotterdam & Stichting Ouderenhuisvesting Rotterdam.

The location of the mural is: Binnenhof 62, 3068 JW Rotterdam, Netherlands