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Synthesizer melodies, Neon lights and the arcade.
Tech Noir is a bar & restaurant where the 80's are brought back to life.

Tech Noir
The former owner of restaurant Rauwdouwer asked me to create a wall with a unique atmosphere. One that is in contrast with the opposite side of the restaurant floor. He showed me some examples of concept art from the movie Blade Runner and I was caught in this project instantly.

I am a huge enthusiast of underground eighties music and movies such as: Blade Runner, Blitz, The Fly and DAF for example. I like to believe thats its no coincidence this project had to be executed by me. The Blade Runner concept art that I was confronted with inspired me to watch the whole movie again. Not just for my entertainment, but I used it as reference material for this mural that was in coperaton with Fritz Kola

Different recognizable and less recognizable elements where taken from the movie to create my own version of it. Then I composed them on the wall together. This way it became more than just another decorative wallpainting. Its a piece for like minded people who will dicover different elements from the movie the longer they watch. Its makes me wonder, what do you recognise?