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Riks latest work is done in collaboration with Simian Switch

In a time full of distractions, haste and bustle, Rik finds peace in noise. The things that are supposed to be important to everyone bring him nothing but stress.

Money, power, time, pride, greed. It takes him far away from himself. As a result, he loses touch with his feelings. His senses fool him, but when he experiences noise he finds rest.

He finds this in music, a striking appearance among the crowd or sudden change. These are just a few examples.

Picture made by Arend Maatkamp

Rik believes that whatever man tries to manipulate is temporary and will ultimately lead to his downfall. Whenever that may be.

When most people don't notice, Rik makes grateful use of the noise around him.
This is the subject of the painting he and Simian Switch made on a truck.